As we know, moving can be a stressful time, so for our pets who have know idea what’s going on, can be an anxious time for them.

We have put together some tips to try and eliminate stress for you and your pets on moving day.


  •  Plan ahead. Pack a bag with food, treats, toys, their bed, blankets etc. It will make it easier for you to access when you get to your new home and your pet will have something familiar.
  •  hem separate. Putting your pets into kennels or with a family member/friend they know and like whilst you move is best. However, if that’s not an option, then try to keep them away from all the action. The hustle and bustle can be stressful for them, so try to put them in another room with water and their bed/toys and check on them regularly.  
  • Try to keep their routine. If you can, try to make sure you feed and walk them and around the same time as you usually do. Keeping the same routine will help alleviate some stress. 
  • Take pets with you in your car. You are their safe place, so staying with you will be reassuring when moving.  
  • Wait until your inside before letting pets out. Don’t be tempted to open your car and let your pet “explore”. They may be tempted to run off, and in a new environment, this can be dangerous. Keep dogs on leads and keep small animals like cats etc. in their carrier until they are inside the house.  
  • Tell your vet. Finally, don’t forget to update your pets details at the vets with your new address. This is vital for microchip details incase your pet does get lost. 

We hope this helps with your moving day. Don’t forget, TVC Removals have over 12 years of house removals experience, so if you need any help, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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