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Your quote is worked out based on the information you provide, including list of items, access described and distance travelled. If the amount of items is more than stated the price could increase accordingly. 

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Packing Prices


 We offer a great range of packing supplies, individual prices and our money saving pre-made packs are all listed below. We can also deliver packing materials to your door prior to the move, giving you more time and flexibility for the big day. There’s a minimum order of £20 worth of materials for free delivery. We can also collect the boxes once you’re done. Any that are suitable to be re-used we can potentially pick up and recycle them, not only cutting down on our impact on the environment but lowering our out goings which means we can pass the savings back to our customers.

If your move is over £600 we can include the starter pack free of charge.

Starter pack

12 large boxes, 5 medium boxes, 1 roll of tape, 1 permanent marker.


the full move


25 large boxes, 15 medium boxes, 1 roll of bubble wrap, 2 rolls of XL tape, 1 fragile tape, 2 permanent markers and 3 kg of wrapping paper


The full move xl


5 XL boxes, 35 large boxes, 30 medium boxes, 1 XL roll of bubble wrap, 4 XL rolls of tape, 4 permanent markers and 6 kg of wrapping paper.



1 x XL box – £4.00
1 x Large box – £2.50
1 x Medium box – £1.50
1 x Wardrobe box – £13.00
1 x Roll of tape – £1.50
1 x 50 ft roll of bubble wrap – £15.00
1 x 3.kg wrapping paper – £8.00
1 x permanent marker –  £1.00


Key wavier insurance £60.00 – This will ensure you do not incur any additional charges for delays with keys on the day
(up to 5 p.m.) 


Do you work for the NHS? 

We offer a 10% discount to all NHS employees!
Get in touch for more details.